Now, many ways are there to manage the warehouse of your organization, but the best program makes the task much smarter and efficient. LoMag is the best and uniquely developed program that can make your warehouse management easy.   It is ideal for every company that looks for efficient management.  Simple Inventory Management makes warehouse managing easier by offering numerous facilities, including:

  • Supports data collectors, label printers and supports readers
  • Support of different types of barcodes including CODE 39, QR CODE, CODE 128, UPC and EAN
  • The code scanner and inventory management scheme for Android device will chance it into the best data collector
  • It let you create filters in the tables that facilitate fast data search
  • Visual tracking and defining of the interrelations between different documents available in a system
  • It offers alerts warning entirely against various events such as unpaid invoice, reduced stock reached and much more
  • It able working online with a combined database in the cloud

Specialties of LoMag

It is significant to note that the friendly and intuitive user interface of this system is developed in Microsoft.Net technology.   The database is entirely based on steady SQL Server engine of Microsoft that gives complete support for the multiuser access. The account and price support is optional. Apart from that, it also lets you adjust the accuracy of calculations for your requirement. The straightforward correction and creation of products issued notes, products received notes, internal products issued notes, and internal products received notes, inventories, corrections, discounts and Interbranch Transfers.  Apart from that, it also has the support of barcodes, label printers, FIFO, LIFO and data collections.  There is a visual document editing tool present in this software that helps you to design the printout templates along with barcodes and photographs.  These are unique features of LoMag that make it stand out from others.