Home is where the heart is. My home might be very different from yours, the location, the interiors, the people, everything. However, it is the most loved thing in my life perhaps after food. The home comprises of loving hearts beating together, home comprises of care, affection, anger, optimism, fights and various other emotions. Big or small, for every individual, home is paradise.

Interiors and exteriors

How a house has been built, designed and arranged depends entirely on the people who are living in it. Choices differ and so does standards. What might be too expensive for me, might be a necessity for another. The interiors are usually built in such a way that it reflects the personality of the family living in it. A corporate tycoon might prefer beige and leather sofas instead of vintage furniture, whereas an art lover might decorate their home with the most beautiful vintage antique pieces which have been collected over time. It all depends on choices and innovation.

Some people prefer to design their homes by themselves, whereas some hire professional interior designers. Chandeliers might be a common element in a posh villa house, but so can it be in a duplex apartment. The tiniest details and intricacies brought together makes the empty rooms and walls into a home which is full of life.

Why I mentioned earlier about the personality aspect behind the interiors of someone’s house is because of the way they keep it. A clean freak and organised person would prefer a top notch, shiny house to live in, whereas a casual easy going family might be satisfied with a condo. People often customise their houses and add their specifications. These might include a Jacuzzi, a beautiful backyard garden, a swimming pool, a rooftop garden or even a pool looking into the cityscape. It all depends on personal choices. Whatever defines one’s comfort becomes their favourite place on earth, their hub, their paradise. The place they call home.

The exterior of a house is again designed by the individual living in it. If the house is located in a community area, there is not much they could do about it. However, if it an independently built house which is built on a land owned by an individual, there lies a lot of scope for innovation. I have seen houses which are designed in the most peculiar ways with strange ideas.

The selection process

It takes months of planning and shopping to develop the interiors of a house. Enthusiasts often travel to various cities in hope of collection the best home decor available. There are people who travel to faraway places to collect the best for their dream home. People like to build their homes in a way that they stand out. They like it when others appreciate the intricacy, care and love put in to make it into a home. Self-designed houses have a feeling to it which other professionally decorated houses don’t have. They have a soul, a depth, a story to tell. Every collectible which is displayed is bought with a lot of care and perhaps transported from various parts of the world. I say this out of my own experience.

A tiny little cottage in the Scottish Highlands with the best view and a lake by the house, which would be the perfect hub for a person whereas someone else may prefer a posh apartment in the heart of London. A backyard garden maybe someone’s like, whereas some may prefer a larger area for gardening than the house itself.

A dream house would have a few basic things which are a priority. The first thing is definitely the best of all the appliances and necessities definitely a backyard with a hammock for those lazy evenings, a small swimming pool and a BBQ in the backyard. This would be the exteriors. Perhaps finding such houses in metropolitan cities may be difficult, but I don’t mind a countryside home too. Getting to the interiors, one may prefer not having a cluttered house, perhaps which defines my personality, the right amount of necessary things with an awesome couch and a TV. The kitchen perhaps will be the highlight, again describing my personality, my love for food and cooking.

The dream house is just a step away from you; all you have to do is make it happen.