If there is a single concept that has driven the growth of the internet over the past decade is the concept of keywords. In fact, it is thought to be the driver of nearly all of Google’s annual revenue of $225 billion. SEO keywords are what you type in when looking for products, services, and solutions on the search engines. A good approach to this is to assign keywords to your webpage and optimize them for search. Note that the implications for picking the right keyword are critical.

Keyword selection is critical to business growth, especially when it comes to executing paid search campaigns. According to http://seattle-seo.net/, it also determines how a website ranks on the search engines. If your keyword can’t be easily traced, it is doubtful whether you can effectively reach out to your target audience. Here is the guide to selecting highly effective keywords on which to build your online presence.

Focus on good phrase

Often, online marketers tend to overthink of the most elementary keyword research concepts. They think that keyword generation should start with explaining what products and services you offer. If you offer upholstery services, using upholstery and services alone as the root words would create a poor keyword. Neither upholstery nor services describe what you offer in a broader perspective. For you to thrive in online marketing, you have to fight your urge to include broader root keywords. 

Use Google’s Wonder Wheel

Released about a year ago, the Google Wonder Wheel is probably the most effective Google’s search tool. You can access it under the filter options on the left-hand navigation. Visit https://www.inc.com/guide/2010/06/picking-effective-seo-keywords.html to learn how the Google Wonder Wheel presents a visual representation of how Google groups search keywords. It may also be used to deduce how users perceive your search terms.

Avoid vanity keywords

Take a case of an online jewelry store that sells all types of jewels. For the store to get higher ranking on the search engines, the keyword jewelry should rank top on the search engines. However, this might probably not be the ideal keyword to drive relevant traffic to your web page. According to https://econsultancy.com/reports/seo-best-practice-guide/, your business is unlikely to rank highly for using general keywords unless you are a highly authoritative site. In this case, it would be better if you go after more specific keywords such as women’s Rolex watch, gold necklace or silver jewelry. 

Guide your content strategy

Your search keywords should guide your overall content strategy. A good approach to this is using keywords that reflect what users are seeking and the way major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google perceive keywords. For you to be phenomenally successful, you need not take static content and expect greater results from it. Alternatively, you can leverage the prevailing user needs and use that knowledge to create the best possible user experience.

Consider the value of repetition

One concern of online marketing is whether it is beneficial or harmful to use a keyword repeatedly. Repetition can be fine as long as it sufficiently clarifies the meaning of the entire phrase.