Buying a used car can be cheaper than buying a brand new car, but used automatic cars definitely have their own risks. So if you are a person who wants to buy used automatic Maruti Suzuki Alto car in Bangalore, here are few major points to consider before you buy it.

Check for leakages that might exist in the car

Even if the car you plan to buy has an astonishing exterior, there might be a lot of coolant or oil leakages in it. So before you buy, its vital to examine the car. Even if you have chosen to buy online, arrange a date for the inspection, and once you go, look for oil leakages mainly under the hood.

Next thing to do is to check under the car. Finally check the top of the engine to find out whether there are any oil patches. Next check the coolant levels, if it looks too low that means there should be a leak in the radiator somewhere. So ask the owner to repair it if you manage to locate it during the inspection.

Test drive the car for some time

In most of the automatic cars the suspension, transmission and steering will be worn off due to excessive usage, and these parts cam be very much expensive if you go to replace them. So before you buy the car arrange for a pre purchase test drive, and drive the car for some time at-least until the engine warms up. When it does if the engine knocks, or if the transmission fails to shift smoothly, then don’ buy that car.

Examine the body thoroughly by tapping

When you get an inspection date and get to see the car, go few rounds around it and tap its body using your fingertips. By doing this you will be able to find out the number of puddings it has undergone as padded spaces give off an odd sound when tapped.