Video communication solutions have reached a level so far that their use can provide a real alternative to personal discussions. Image transfer with HD (High Definition) technology gives you a richer detail that truly meets every need. In the following, we will introduce the powerful HD videoconferencing services from ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd, an innovative free video conferencing solutions provider in the globe.

Part1: To whom do we recommend the service?

Our principle is to offer the best possible solution to all uses.

  • Anyone who travels a lot, but needs to consult with colleagues on a regular basis for confidential information, a professional client program with HD webcam is the best choice.
  • If you want to streamline weekly sessions with your subordinates, you need a personalized system that fits your office environment.
  • If more than one participant participate at the same time, a discussion room system may be the optimal choice.

Our experts help you make the best decision.

Part 2: What should you pay attention to when choosing the right video communication solution?

  • Select the right access technology

The quality and user experience of a video conference is greatly influenced by the quality of network connectivity that we can use. Our product portfolio includes simple ADSL solutions through mobile Internet access, IP Complex connections with appropriate and constant quality parameters.

  • Quality of audiovisual-technical room integration

Our video communications investment reaches maximum utilization when used by the widest possible layer of company or institution staff. To achieve this, in addition to the systems selection, we must pay great attention to the fact that our equipment is placed in an environment that supports video communications.

There is a need for a professional, but at the same time aesthetic, meeting room environment. When setting up the room, care should be taken to ensure that all participants are fully visibly and audibly involved in video conferencing when everyone is equal in communication.

It is important that the use of various video conferencing software and techniques does not cause complications; a wide range of users can confidently use the technical possibilities – the simple design of this room is of great importance.

  • Financial constructions

If all three key components of video conferencing solutions (videoconferencing, access technology, room integration) from one hand or a single monthly charge, you will get a service that satisfies your video communication needs in all respects. Choose one of our solution packages including Videogate, so your video system will be open to the world as well, so you can reach your business partners outside of your company.

Part 3: What are the benefits of using video conferencing solutions?

  • Reduced travel and accommodation costs.

It is obvious that if we do not have to use our car or other means of transportation, we can be relieved of it. Even more important is the fact that with video communication we can switch abroad. However, it is also worthwhile thinking about how much time spent on traveling results in a drop in the productive working hours of our staff. In extreme cases, this can take up to 3 business days – just for a few hours.

  • Improving balance between work and private life.

Furthermore, working efficiently, our staff can spend more time with their family if we do not put them into stress-induced travel or spend more days in a corporate mission. This means greater satisfaction, which increases loyalty to the company.

  • Improve the cost-effectiveness of internal training.

With video conferencing systems, we can maintain internal business training without having to travel to our staff. This can not only reduce the cost of training, but we can organize more and more effective training from the available educational framework.

  • Consistent with the environmentally friendly approach.

If we do not have to use means of transport, our emissions will be significantly reduced. This aspect is increasingly emphasized in all responsible and sustained companies.