In today’s fast moving world life has become so restless that we have lost all the fun. What soothes people in such a difficult life is only the holiday. Holiday is the time when you can rejuvenate your energy and enjoy your life the fullest. To live the most beautiful moments of life in such a small span of time you need to select a perfect place. The place you choose should be alluring and fascinating enough to pacify all your worries. Beaches are the best choice for a relaxing holiday. What about Algarve? Isn’t it a fabulous choice?

Algarve is a coast located in southern Portugal. This coast is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. Some of them are the finest beaches of the Europe. The stretches of sand and the waves make it a spectacular place to have a wonderful time. You will find more than 150 beaches at Algarve in the city of Faro. At first, it will seem that Faro has no beaches. The reason is that all the beaches located at distant places from the city. You might feel disappointed by this fact but don’t worry you would love the experience of traveling through this place as well.

The beaches near Faro are rich with alluring and picturesque beauty that doesn’t let the people forget the time you spend here. Sandy Island and the breathtaking cliffs add extravagant majesty to the place. You can’t afford to miss the tour to this place.

As mentioned, Faro has around 150 beaches near to the city and it is difficult to visit all at once. Thus, it becomes important to know about the best beaches near the city.

Praia da Marinha

It is one of the favorite beaches of the travelers and most liked place in Algarve. The location is approximately 8km at the southeast of Lagoa. Marinha is ranked repeatedly the best beaches of the Europe and referred as the poster girl of Faro beaches. You will find a series of pinnacles and caves that add an enchanting beauty to the place.

Praia de Albandeira

This beach is located in central Algarve and is the most natural beach of the place. It has been kept in its natural form and completely untouched. You can consider this as the jewel of the beaches. You will find it off the tourist radar and thus fewer numbers of tourists visit here. Wind sand floor with no umbrella, no hotel or watersports makes this place completely natural. You can visit this beach if you want to relax in peace for some time. You can book a car rental under 21 to travel distant beaches and it won’t cost you much.

Praia do Barril

Praia do Barril is a beach located in eastern Algarve. This beach is famous for some of the nudist spots and the Anchor graveyard near to this place. You can reach this place using a mini train or a wooden bridge. You can find a few water sports like sailing and windsurfing here that adds an extra element of enjoyment here.

Praia Grande (Ferragudo)

This beach is located in the municipality of Lagoa in Algarve. It is lovely beach added with few bars and restaurants. A huge sandy beach on which you can walk along the coast and enjoy some beautiful. You can visit this beach if you want to spend some time to chill out and dine out exquisitely at some bars. This beach is ideal for the kids.

For some tempting experience visit the Algarve’s best beaches. The beaches near Faro can provide you an enchanting beauty, incredible water sports, spectacular nature, and mild climate.