It is always better that you maintain your engine and do the needed, when it is needed because engine maintenance can really cost you an arm and a leg it you have to get it done from the local workshops. So here are some easy engine maintenance tips for you.

Check your belts

You will notice that at the front end of your engine there are a series of rubber belts simply looping around various pulleys. They drive everything from the a/c compressor to the alternator. Remember Rubber perishes so get your accessory drive belt and timing belt checked every 25,000 miles. It is preferred that you get it replaced it every 50,000 miles. You can find some really good options at, if you are buying online.

Fuel Economy

Remember to check your tire pressures regularly as they really affect your fuel economy. We recommend that you do it once a week. It is really easy to do and laziness is the only excuse of not doing it. Get your tire pressure in order and save loads on fuel costs.

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Checking Your Oil Level

Checking oil levels is something everyone can do. Not only is it quick, it is also easy and it will always tell you whether your engine needs oil or not. Whether the oil is too high or is too low, both these factors can cause damage for your engine. To easily check the oil level, just park your car on level ground and wait for the engine to cool down. Locate the dipstick and pull it out and use a cloth to wipe it clean. Then insert it all the way back until the top of the dipstick it is inserted properly again. Just wait for a moment and then pull it out. Now you can check the level of the oil. You are good to go if the level is between the high and low marks.