Houston is the largest city in the American state of Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. It is renowned worldwide for its contributions to the energy (especially oil) and aeronautical industry, as well as to the port channel. Houston is also the world’s center for producing oil equipment. The city’s port is the first in the US in international trade and the sixth in the world in size. Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest concentration of hospitals and clinics.  It is also renowned for the janitorial service centers, one of the largest centers being the janitorial service Houston (JSH).

Why should you choose JSH?

JSH has developed answers to the typical challenges faced by facility managers in their ongoing interaction with their cleaning contractors. The systemized approach allows delivering high quality cleaning on a consistent basis to commercial properties. By working in partnership with some clients, the cleaning can improve and the system can be simplified to provide a quality experience. Cleaning for health, safety, and the environment are fundamental principles of the JSH.

Quality is achieved with a combination of the best people and the best systems in partnership with clear, consistent communication. Janitorial service Houston has formalized these critical elements to ensure that their clients’ needs and expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

LEED Services

JSH has a long-standing commitment to green cleaning. It is a member of the United States Green Building Council, the governing body for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification programs, and employs a full-time LEED Accredited Professional.

It will deliver an affordable, customized janitorial program that provides green cleaning services that are healthy for your office and safe for the environment. Green cleaning, which utilizes special equipment to remove a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria, while requiring less cleaning chemicals, and cleaning for health are vital aspects of the services Vanguard franchisees offer.