Internet has evolved with the way people used to consume media. When discussing about evolving journey of the Internet, video sharing sites takes the first names in the list. With the increase in the file size of the video outputs over time, it was impossible for the users to share the videos with others. Limiting online users to the upload file size gave a new way to these new brands of video sharing sites. The video sharing website gives service to the users to upload videos online, providing a place on the web where users can host their videos online.

YouTube is amongst those website that offers video sharing seamlessly. However; with YouTube there are other significant website that offers user to upload and watch videos online.

Daily Motion

The name doesn’t need any introduction. It is perhaps the biggest online video sharing website after YouTube. A neat and a refined player is what Dailymotion is all about. The site gives a feel of watching YouTube, where there are enormous database of videos and more coming every day.


Uploading videos on Flickr is no more a surprise, however it offers only two 90 seconds video a month whereas premium users can upload unlimited. Uploading process of video remains the same like that of any other video sharing website.


Metacafe is quite similar to that of YouTube; it is offering almost same kind of features of clicking videos one after another and the video sharing pattern that YouTube offers.


A well-known household name today, Vimeo is has more than other video sharing website like short films, classy videos, snapshots of random people, music videos etc. It is popular in younger generation hence the popularity is found more in that genre. It is easy to upload video on Vimeo where detailed information of uploading is categorized neatly and also, it makes video sharing easy.

Most of these video sharing websites let users to create their own free account and upload videos across different categories. These services have also become one of the most important practices in any marketing campaigns of any segment of businesses. Videos have become an vital part of any business strategy to promote products and services. Individual users also make the most of these video sharing websites to promote themselves and their skills online. Above mentioned websites cannot match what YouTube is offering, but they are worth trying. All thanks to Thanks to Elmedia Player for Mac you can save videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. and for offering conversion format as well.