Scouting movement is aimed at preparing young individuals to make the right moral and ethical decisions in the course of their lifetime through installing in them different values. The main aim of scouting is to give a positive contribution to the development of young individuals and help them to achieve their full physical, social, spiritual and intellectual potential in their individual capacities and as responsible citizens and members of their respective local, national communities.

Boy Scout fundraiser and cub fundraiser events are great scouting activities in addition to helping schools struggling with limited budgets to have extra funds to run the school. A fundraiser activity involving designing and printing T-shirts for sale can instill creativity and sense of being productive in boy scouts or cub scouts. The T-shirts can be in support of different departments in the school or just in support of the scout movements. Scouts can also print out artistically designed caps to get proceeds for their Boy Scout fundraiser or Cub Scout fundraiser event.

Car wash and umbrella services also make for great Boy Scout fundraiser or Cub Scout fundraiser events. Scouts can charge to wash cars at supermarket parking lots and other designated places in the summer. Also local Cub Scout or Boy Scout groups can get permission from popular stores or supermarkets to stand at the entrance on a rainy weekend and walk people to their cars. This is an extremely considerate gesture and that will motivate people to give contributions.

Another great activity for boy scouts or cub scouts to participate in when raising funds is a rent-a-kid program. In this program advertise that the scouts are giving home services as part of fundraising. Some of the services you can have kids do include folding and ironing clothes, raking leaves, babysitting, washing widows, cutting lawns among others. You can also organize scout members to take care of elderly families and cook for them, or clean their house. Renting a kid however involves a lot of organization and in some states you have to get special permission for the scouts or cub members to be able to do this. Also don’t overwhelm individuals with work. In fact, it’s a great idea to allocate services to groups of two or more.

Another event for Boy Scout fundraiser or Cub Scout fundraiser is to organize a family movie night complete with snacks and popcorns for the night. You can put a screen either outdoors or indoors and have people pay for it. It’s important that you select the latest family movies that everyone is either anticipating to watch or has already gained popularity. The venue can be a recreation hall in the school or other. On the movie night you can have donation jars or even advertise for people to donate foods which can give more proceeds.

There are lots of ideas for scouting and cub fundraiser events. It’s important that you organize something fun and that will motivate spontaneous participation.

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